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Freedland - 28 Noviembre 20:24

I am an adorable lovely girl that you give kisses caresses massages be pleasant nice and you have the best company but you can relax and enjoy passion

Gubala - 24 Mayo 04:19

Poco tiempo después se comprometieron, y a partir de ahí, todo empezó a cambiar.

Bengelsdorf - 15 Enero 08:15

такаж супер волохата як и секси Люба с Долини

Tommy - 10 Junio 22:11


Waley - 22 Augusto 05:02

Nope, not that tight

Delfina - 22 Augusto 18:31

Yeeeeees. I love it when men do this.

Santo - 15 Septiembre 18:22

If so, I'd be interested to know your clinical opinion on Male Circumcision? Necessity? And impact on various forms of sex, for both the man, and his partner?

Leta - 14 Septiembre 20:43

Me too. I haven't been quite right with the series since I saw this. She's said a few other things that make me wince a little. Since her platform is that of an authority on sex and sexuality, I feel like her occasional ignorant statements are presented as statements of fact, and that makes me uncomfortable. I wish she'd at least address it when she says something to which her audience reacts so viscerally.

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